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Teen who plotted Columbine Anniversary
School attack says he was bullied...

A Monroe, New York teenager was arrested Monday and is accused
of planning a school massacre on the anniversary of the Columbine
attacks: April 20, 2010. According to reports, the Monroe-Woodbury
high school student told authorities that he had planned the attack as
a way of seeking revenge against those who bullied him. Charges are
expected and the investigation continues.

“It was obvious that he was depressed and as we were talking, he had
no problem explaining to me everything he was planning on doing,"
said police Detective David Conklin.


Teen punched & threatened before suicide...

ALEX WILDMAN'S school principal and deputy admitted days after
the bullied teenager committed suicide he might still be alive if the
school had handled his case differently.

His mother, Justine Kelly, told the inquest into the 14-year-old's death
in July 2008, that Kadina High's then-principal Stephen Lowndes and
deputy Bradd Farrell had visited her Lismore home.

"I said to them, had they handled things differently, would Alex still be
alive?'' she said. "They agreed."


Father carries on Fight to End School Bullying...

On Oct. 20, 2008, Jeremiah Lasater, a freshman at Vasquez High
School in Acton, shot and killed himself in a school bathroom stall.

Jeremiah was a special education student at Vasquez High School.
Teachers, support staff, students and parents noted the teenager -
who stood 6 foot 6 inches tall and weighed nearly 300 pounds - was
often the target of ridicule and bullying. Instead of fighting back,
Jeremiah withdrew, his father said.

"I knew I couldn't let Jeremiah die in that bathroom," Jeff Lasater
said. "Jeremiah was speaking to all of us that day, but I don't think
he realized how much he was saying."

Willard wrestlers sentenced for Bullying!

Although the pair of high school upperclassman moved out of Huron
County, they could not escape their past.

It caught up with them on Thursday afternoon when the young men
-- a 16-year-old junior and an 18-year-old senior -- appeared separately
before Seneca County Juvenile Judge Jay Meyer for the juvenile
court's version of sentencing.

In July, the former Willard High School wrestlers entered the equivalent
of a guilty plea to disorderly conduct in Huron County juvenile court.



Local School ahead of the Curve to
End Bullying!

One La Crosse school is at the head of its class when it comes to
anti-bullying efforts. Bullying can have devastating effects on students,
and most of the time it happens in the same place kids should feel secure.

"We'd be lying if we said bullying never happened in our schools,"
said Penny Reedy, Principal of Longfellow-Sota II Middle School.

That's why Longfellow students in the group "Six Degrees" are passionate
about putting an end to bullying.



Teachers get crash course on evolving world

School bullying can be a matter of life-and-death.

Constant humiliation and intimidation through violence and even electronic
messaging have changed the face of bullying, said Amanda Heath,
a crisis clinician with the Regional Behavioral Health Network, which
covers Coles, Cumberland, Clark, Edgar, Douglas, Moultrie and Shelby
counties. She has worked with young people threatening suicide due
to bullying at school.

There are also many cases nationwide of young people killing
themselves over cyberbullying.

“I don’t want you to have a student not show up to school one day after
a suicide because of bullying. No child should ever get to that point
where they think, ‘I’d rather be dead than go back to school,’



If You think someone could use a friend, BE ONE!

According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
website, almost 30 percent of youth in the United States are estimated
to be involved in bullying — either as a bully, target of a bully or both.

This week has been designated as Bully Prevention Week and schools
across the nation are taking a stand against bullying and encouraging
parents to discuss the topic with their children.

At Central Middle School, parents were sent letters informing them
of the school's various programs and were given an Anti-Bullying
Contract, which requires signatures from both the parent and child.




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